land, labour and respect
verdecrudo agriturismo trentino biologico-radici

Maso Murari
The new chapter of an ancient novel

The old traces of Maso Murari get lost back in time. The Murari’s rural family has kept the steep land around the main house for generations. Chunck of soil emerge among the dry stone walls, the life in the mountains has been harsh before the comforts of modernity, but some resist like grandpa Davide. After his passing, many choose to leave and reach the city and the surrounding woods reconquer its former realm.

Thirty years after Maso Murari sees a new dawn and its land is newly grown. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries that grow naturally here are the most fitted species for this territory, thanks to the acidity of its soil and its 600 m altitude.  The temperature leap between night and day, the cool breeze descending from the mountains every evening and the abundance of spring water make our fruits rich in flavor. Year after year we are restoring all the ancient terrace fields preparing them for our berries and gardens. The work is intense as most of the land is still grown by hand but the results are absolutely worth it. We use no product of synthesis, no insecticide, no chemical manure. In a nutshell, we produce less but what we get has the raw taste of wild nature.